Broadcast Graphics

Virtual 3D studio spaces, 2D/3D inscription graphics, multimonitor walls, studio touch screens, single-PC solutions.


Virtual Studios

Advanced 3D graphics, node-based programming interface, high level of real-time controllability.


Stage Performances

Multiprojector systems, mapping, panoramic views, highly customizable on-stage control interfaces.


Video Installations

Multiprojector systems, multimonitor installations, customizable touch screen control interfaces.



TV, Youtube Creator, Vlogger,
eSport commentating,
House of Worship

Features related to broadcast usage. Virtual studios, inscription graphics, multimonitor systems, studio touch screens, single-PC solutions.



Theater, Concert Hall,
Event Center

Features related to on-stage usage. Multiprojector systems, image synthesis, projection mapping, interactive control devices.



Corporate, Institution,

Features related to presentations and video installations. Multiprojector systems, monitor walls, touch screens.



2D artist, 3D artist, Developer

Features related to texture manipulation, Video processing, 3D scene prototyping


Aximmetry is an all-in-one virtual studio and 3D graphics software for the broadcast and entertainment industries, deploying the performance of the newest generation video cards using single-PC technology.

Aximmetry’s ambition is to make high-end, broadcast quality virtual studio software technology accessible to all, small TV stations, Youtube Creators and Vloggers included. Using the software, professional content with advanced real-time 3D graphics can be produced even from a living room.

The core of Aximmetry software is our own developed 3D render engine that can be programmed through a highly flexible node-based user-interface. On top of this core, we have built specialized applications targeting the fields of broadcasting, stage performances and presentations.

In May 2020, we launched the Aximmetry DE (dual engine) editions, our new application featuring Unreal Engine. Aximmetry DE does not replace Aximmetry SE (single engine). The new editions are supplementary to our offering and designed for skilled UE4 users. It is our intention to keep on perfecting both Aximmetry SE and Aximmetry DE to make them both the best broadcast virtual studio solutions on the market.

All our software exploits the abilities of today's graphics hardware: for example, a virtual studio interior can be rendered in a previously unseen complexity and visual quality.

When used on a stage, the projected visuals can be real-time generated 2D or 3D imagery, therefore they can be interactively shaped by the performer. Customized intuitive control interfaces can be created for the needs of presentations and video installations.


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HÍR TV is a cable TV channel with national coverage reaching 2.9 million households in Hungary and some of the neighbouring countries.

M4 Sport is a Public Service TV channel with national coverage and the highest ratings of any Hungarian TV channel.

Scenes from a demo program proposal presented to the International Teqball Association.

T-Systems Hungary is the largest Hungarian service provider that covers the entire range of ICT technologies.

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